If you are using Gmail account on a regular basis, then you need to sign up for Gmail fax services. It is not provided by Google but provided by the leading email fax service providers. When you sign up with the email fax service company, you can receive and send the fax from Gmail that is your Gmail account will be used for sending and receiving the fax. Guess, the option looks really simple. Yes! It is almost similar to email option. It is simple and fast like sending email. The email fax service provider will give you a virtual fax number, and you can send the fax through the internet and Gmail account. The method of sending the fax from Gmail is available since ten years. It has become popular and now most of the people are using email fax service for sending the fax.

It is necessary to sign up with a reputed and leading email fax service provider. Since there are several companies, many times people confuse whom to choose and how to trust the new company. Well, you can make use of the free trial service to find out their level of service and transparency they maintain. If you have friends or relatives using the email fax service, then you can ask their opinion. It is best to choose a company through word of mouth. Some companies will promise to service the best but fail to maintain the transparency. You have to read the testimonials and clients to check whether the customer has good reputation and name in the market.

Do not sign up with a company that promises to offer free service. When you use the free service, you will be able to get only one or two pages of the document in the fax. If you ask for reasons, the service would ask you to sign up for a fixed package. It is best to go with a fixed package as per your needs.