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Give Unforgettable Customer Experience

Customer ExperienceTo retain the customers, you should follow a different strategy what your competitors will not do. Here, you will come across different stories and some companies followed these to produce a high customer experience. For example, apart from the traditional service practice, you can deliver the service unique to feel them memorable.

Morton’s Steakhouse is a restaurant where you can get potatoes, bread, shrimp, porterhouse, etc. Peter Shankman a business consultant and author was about to flight. It is the dinner time, and it will take two hours to land the airport. He knows that he would hungry before he reaches home that night. He tweets Mortan to bring one porterhouse to Newark airport where he will land in two hours. As his request, Morton delivered the same to Peter. It is not an easy task. There should be a lot of planning give impressive customer experience

Ifonly’s Series B is also giving you the unforgettable customer experience similar to this. You can get a variety of different services and products which are not predictable by anyone.

Let us go with another example a café shop company called Ikea, opened it branch in East London. This is the unique concept designed by them to grab the customer attention. This café provides the visitors with their order in 40 minutes time, and they have the tasty snacks by lying in Ikea bed with their night dress. The customers visiting the shop had a unique experience.

Through Amazon, a child ordered for a PlayStation. By mistake, the child’s neighbor house received the station. The child was depressed about the PlayStation. Immediately his father complained to Amazon. It was really surprising that Amazon delivered another PlayStation to the child without any shipping charges.

Tips for Getting the Fax Number Quickly

A fax machine is one of the communication machines used by the offices for many years. You can see almost all the reputed business have at least one fax number. Though many communication systems have developed these days, the usage of fax does not seem to be extinct. Police, fire department, human right groups, hospitals and many industries use fax machines. Fax machines are used to send formal information, emergency alert and many kinds of information. Having a fax number could help a business/office to have better communication with the other clients or customers.

Though there are many advantages of having a fax machine, there are a few disadvantages too. Some of you might find having a fax machine as an expensive thing. Additionally, you should also pay the landline phone operator, who will allot your fax number. Sometimes, it may take a long time to get the fax number. One of the cheap and best ways to get a fax number is using the Internet fax services. The advantages of the Internet fax services are that they are very cheap and quick. You could get a fax number quickly, and you use the fax number without having a fax machine itself. The concept of the Internet fax is equivalent to the Internet phone. The Internet fax uses the Internet line rather than a conventional telephone line.

Most service providers offer even 30 day free trial for their Internet fax service. With this type of service, you can simply send or receive fax on your smartphone or tablet or email account. Availing the online fax service provider is quite easy, and it is same like signing up a new email account. If you like to gather more information regarding online fax service, then you may simply look at this URL – This link would guide you in providing the best service.

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